Sympli plugin for Android Studio - 1.3.9
Handoff Android Studio Plugin
Now supporting Android Studio Dolphin 🐬
Handoff Sketch Plugin – 1.3.24
Handoff Sketch Plugin
Sketch 94 🔶
  • Starting with Sketch 94 you can select layers and symbols nested in other symbols directly on the canvas. Sympli Handoff plugin now respects this selection when calculating a list of artboards to export when you invoke the plugin.
  • Improved some of the workflow error messages to make them more actionable.
  • We made batch exporting
    particularly large
    artboards more resource-efficient which means Sympli will no longer occupy a noticeable chunk of your computer's memory while uploading such designs.
  • We've also made export process a bit faster when uploading designs to iOS projects by reducing the amount of processing steps (without losing any precision 🙌).
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible for some users to create a design system in their personal Sympli company.
Handoff Xcode Plugin — 1.0.81
  • Added support for Xcode 14
  • Fixed a few bugs where applying certain text layer properties to a view would fail with an error
  • Fixed a bug where importing an asset with complex unicode name would result in a mis-configured asset entry in .xcassets
  • Fixed a few UI quirks in the Simulator overlay
Sympli Versions – 1.4.1
Versions App
Versions Web App
Bugfixes 🐞
  • Fixed a bug where an artboard background wouldn't render on the Sync screen
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to download the same project twice into multiple directories while only one of them would actually be tracked for changes by Versions
  • Improved quick action titles for a batch conflict resolution option on the Merge screen: now they mention source and target branch names instead of indirect "theirs/mine" terms
  • One for our on-premise customers: starting with this update you'll be able to quickly tell which environment your copy of Sympli Versions is connected to, by going to Versions > About Versions menu
  • Fixed a bug where merging a branch that was updated from the parent branch multiple times in the past would lead to unexpected file name conflicts
  • Fixed an issue with branch tooltips not matching branch titles in the branch list on the project screen
  • Fixed an issue where Branch Summary for an active branch in a project wouldn't display correctly right after launching Versions
  • Fixed a bug where some Sketch documents were marked as modified after updating your active branch
  • Fixed a bug where working in a project with the default branch name being different from "master" could cause various issues throughout the commit workflow
Sympli Handoff: Embeds Get New Preview Option 🚀
Handoff Web App
Earlier this year, we introduced Embeds - a way to share your designs and add them to your documentation. The first version required anyone who wanted to view full-size previews to have a Sympli Handoff account. Now, there is an option to share your designs' selected screens, which you can preview in fullscreen with no authentication required.
Handoff Sketch Plugin – 1.3.23
Handoff Sketch Plugin
Export artboards from multiple pages at once
We've added an option to export artboards from all pages at once. Check out our new help article to learn more:
  • Fixed a bug where the design system export destination list would turn blank if you didn't have any design systems matching the current search terms in the list. Now you'll see a handy message instead 📭
  • Fixed a bug that caused issues when uploading artboards from Sketch documents located on an external volume (say, a USB-C hard drive or a shared network folder) if that volume was disconnected during the upload process
  • Fixed a bug where the Sign Out action (in the ⚙️ menu) wouldn't work as expected on the Export Design System screen
Sympli Versions – 1.4.0
Versions App
Smaller Visual Diffs and Faster Commits ⚡️
We've rebuilt our visual diffs engine to ignore all internal non-visible Sketch file format changes that happen between Sketch upgrades. Now you won't see those unexpected internal updates affecting your visual diffs, and your commits will be much faster as a result.
You'll also notice a handy badge on the Sync screen indicating that a given document has been saved with a newer version of Sketch – just in case 🔶
  • Fixed a bug where the branch names would be mixed up on the Merge screen
  • Fixed an issue where the built-in Sympli Versions plugin for Sketch would display the "Couldn't load Versions Plugin" error message in older versions of Sketch
  • Fixed a bug in History where the commit messages for "before" and "after" panels would be display incorrectly
  • Fixed a visual glitch in Activity that results in multi-line commit messages not being displayed properly
  • Fixed an issue with linked Jira ticket numbers in commit messages not being clickable links
  • Fixed a bug in Inspector where selection and highlighting area for updated layers on an artboard would be way off and don't match their visual positions
  • Fixed a rare crash that could happen in certain cases with limited system resources available to Sympli Versions application to operate
  • Bonus: you may now hover your mouse over a project title on a project card to reveal the full project name – which is quite handy if it doesn't fit on the card as is 👀
Jira plugin for Versions: bugfixes
Versions + Jira
  • Fixed a bug where an internal branch name would be displayed in the plugin UI
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent multiple linked Versions commit from appearing in the plugin UI
Sympli Versions – 1.3.4
Versions App
Versions Web App
It all starts with a login button ✨
Ever had your login session expire and the Versions window disappear while you're in the middle of browsing commit history or writing a reply in Discussions? Worry no more: starting with this update, Versions would immediately prompt you with a quick re-login option so you won't lose any progress made within the app.
Other stuff
  • Updated the look and copy of Versions paywalls and trial reminders to make them more actionable.
  • Also tuned the login screen a bit here and there: it's more conscious now but still as powerful as before.
Handoff Xcode Plugin — 1.0.80
Handoff Xcode Plugin
  • Fixed a bug where hiding Xcode or Simulator with
    wouldn't hide Sympli plugin window as well
  • Fixed a bug in Xcode 13.2 and above where
    Apply All
    buttons would display the "Please select views" error message and not do anything even if you, in fact, have some views selected in your xibs or storyboards
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