🎉 Introducing Sympli Versions 1.0!
Versions App
What’s new
  • Support for files renaming and a UI to handle renaming conflicts
  • Now you can fork (or create a linked copy of) a project. This is our first step towards support for pull requests and open-source design projects
  • Added ability to switch branches from Finder
  • Branch switching now happens a lot faster
  • Improved merging: now it produces fewer conflicts
  • Branches sorted by last updated date
  • After merging a branch into master, their content is synchronized (changes from master are applied to the branch)
  • Improved file removal. Delete the file from the project’s folder in Finder and confirm the removal in the synch dialog
  • UX and performance improvements
What's fixed
  • Occasional app crashes during branch merging
  • Fixed an error when conflict resolution screen would get into a confusing state displaying both “All conflicts resolved” and “1 conflict remaining” messages at the same time
If you have any questions or comments please drop us a line.